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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Condominios Horizon consists of 45 residences, 33 in the North Tower and 12 in the South Tower. Horizon is located in Colonia Amapas with an unobstructed view of Vallarta and Banderas Bay. Residents enjoy one large infinity edge pool at the North Tower and two smaller infinity edge pools at the South Tower. All units have spacious terraces to take advantage of the breathtaking views of the ocean, town and surrounding jungle hillside.  Construction began mid-2004 with the first residents taking occupancy October 2005.
Prolongacion Paseo de las Conchas Chinas 143
Colonia Amapas
48399 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
Our legal address is Prolongacion Paseo de las Conchas Chinas 143, but Cerrada de los Pinos 126 (or 115) is the closest physical address to our Lobby on Google Maps.  We are at the top of Los Pinos, across from Terraza del Mar and next to La Cima III
Cerrada de los Pinos 143 is the back entrance on Google Maps.
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Condominium Ownership
When a development is given planning permission, plans are submitted and approved. Once the units are available to be given to buyers, the developer has to create a condominium regime based on the private and common areas of the development. Once all details have been approved, a notarized regime is established that includes measurements and percentage ownership of the common areas for each unit, which is sent to the Public Registry Office for issue. This regime forms the basis for all individual deeds (escrituras) to be created for the units, as and when they are sold by the developer or thereafter, by private owners.
All private deeds (escrituras) specify the measurements of the unit in the first couple of pages based on the regime. At the time of purchase, the closing lawyer and Notary should have checked the measurements specified in the deed against the registered regime documents.
These measurements provide the calculation by legal authorities as to the property taxes (predial) due on individual units and the percentage ownership that the HOA should use to calculate annual HOA fees, as mentioned previously.
The responsibility lies with the seller of the property and their realtor to disclose all issues related to their unit, during the showing and buying process. The buyer has the right to have the property inspected by professionals, such as architects, engineers, plumbers and electricians as part of conditions of sale, if this is included in the offer agreement.
Owners: Submit information to "Website Admin" using "Contact Us"
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Upcoming Events
Día de la Constitucion (Constitution Day) – National Holiday Monday February 6th
Sunday, February 5th to Monday, February 6th
This is a Mexican National holiday for all Horizon staff; however, Horizon Security will be onsite 24/7.
Because this Mexican National holiday for all Horizon staff falls on a Sunday, it will be observed on 6 February to give them the day off; however, Horizon Security will be onsite 24/7 both days.
Annual Assembly
Saturday, February 18th, 9am at NT Pool Lobby
The 2023 Annual Assembly is scheduled for Saturday, 18 February 2023, at 9:00 am in the North Tower Pool Lobby, at Condominium Horizon, Prolongación Paseo de las Conchas Chinas 143, Colonia Conchas Chinas, CP 48399 in the City of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México.  Owners, please access the “Annual Meetings” tab in the “Residents” section of the website for the Notices and Proxies.  If you will be unable to attend, please complete, sign, and have witnessed both proxies - you must submit BOTH proxies for the person who attends for you to be able to participate and vote.  
A fully completed proxy form is required for EACH of the following meetings, as indicated at the top of the pertinent form:
Not valid without two witness signatures and their printed names.
Note: If there is more than one Joint Owner or Trust Beneficiary it is permissible to use more than one Proxy form. However, all Proxies must designate the same representative.
Please return this Proxy to: Condominio Horizon, Prolongación Paseo de las Conchas Chinas #143, Col. Conchas Chinas, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México. CP 48399.
The Original Proxy can be sent directly to your Proxy. He/she can then bring the Proxy to the meeting.
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