Rules / Reglas
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Glass and all other breakable items are prohibited in the areas near any pool.  This includes bottles, blenders, bowls, plates, etc. – anything that can break is not allowed.
North Tower pool – glass and other breakable items should be taken no further than the pool lobby area.  Nothing breakable should be taken beyond the lobby flooring, including nothing breakable in the bar area adjacent to the pool.
South Tower pool – glass and other breakable items should be taken no further than the area adjacent to the main lobby elevator. 
The first-floor units should take nothing beyond their private terraces and all others should have nothing breakable on the areas near the pools.
Thank you for respecting and adhering to this policy.
Albercas de Horizon, el Asoleadero, Lobby de la alberca Torre Norte y Normas del Área de Jardines
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  • Pool hours are 9:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. daily.
  • No glass or breakable objects allowed on Pool decks or near Pools.
  • North Tower Pool Lobby furniture cannot be moved from the lobby.
  • No furniture is permitted to be placed in the Pool at any time (lounge chairs, etc.)
  • Furniture and chaise lounge chairs are first-come, first-served.  Reserving furniture or chaise lounges by placing towels or other personal items on them is not permitted unless the Joint Owner/Occupant/Visitor is present.
  • During the rainy season cushions for chaise lounge chairs will be located at the NT Pool Lobby.
  • Please return Pool furniture and chaise lounge chairs to their proper location.
  • If a Resident or Visitor has been to the beach, they must shower before entering the pools, pool decks and North Tower Lobby.
  • No running or horseplay in the pools, pool decks or pool garden areas.
  • No Diving is allowed.
  • Only headphones are permitted at the pool to listen to music.
  • All trash must be placed in the appropriate receptacle.
  • Any damaged items will be repaired or replaced by the Administrator at the responsible Joint Owner’s expense. Even in those cases where the damage was caused by a Resident or Visitor. This includes draining and cleaning a pool if required by any action or fault of a Joint Owner/Resident/Visitor.
  • Children under 12 (twelve) years must be accompanied by an adult (18 (eighteen) years or older), at all times in the pools and pool decks.
  • Children in diapers are not allowed in the pools at any time, unless they are wearing a special swimsuit designed for use in a pool.
  • No one is permitted to sit on, stand on, or jump from the pool bar or structure.
  • If you have an existing health condition, you should consult your physician prior to using the Horizon pools.
  • Pets are not allowed in the pools at any time for any reason.
  • Any pets in Common Property (any area outside of Private Unit) must be under control and leashed at all times.
  • Pets should only be walked in the following areas for the purpose of answering Nature's call:
    • The grass area between the South Tower and the enclosed Horizon parking area.
    • Down the stairs at the north end of the North Tower pool between Horizon and La Cima III.
    • The park area at the end of the road.
  • Joint Owners must pick up and remove any waste immediately.
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  • When Security Staff are away from the front desk doing rounds (typically around 7am, noon and 9pm), the main doors will be locked.  Please do not try to force the doors open.
    Please place ALL trash in a secured plastic bag prior to disposing in the Common Property trash bins.
  • Joint Owners/Occupants/Visitors, shall under no circumstance, hang anything on the balconies or terraces or railings. This includes towels, clothes, lights, banners/flags, or any other item that takes away from the uniform aesthetic of the building; or lean cushions against railings.
  • Loud music and other noise affect the other Joint Owners/Occupants/Visitors and this should be kept to a moderate level, which does not disturb other Joint Owners/Occupants/Visitors. Joint Owners/Occupants/Visitors shall refrain from excessive noise at ALL times. Noise effects must be contained to the originating unit after 11pm.
  • Occupants/Visitors/maids/repairmen are not allowed to have a key code to access the rear gates and Horizon Fitness. Entry must be made through the front entrance lobby at all times.  Joint Owner Equivalents and Direct Relatives may use the Joint Owner’s key code, providing the Joint Owner shares their key code with them.
  • Only Joint Owners are allowed to have pets on the premises at any time.
  • Under no circumstances shall Joint Owners/Occupants/Visitors jump from or throw any objects from the rooftops, terraces or balconies.
  • Joint Owners/Occupants/Visitors are entitled to make use of the Common Property. Such use shall not limit, interfere or negate the same use and enjoyment of other Joint Owners/Occupants/Visitors.
  • Any damage to Common Property will be repaired or replaced by Administration at Joint Owner's/Occupant’s/Visitor’s expense.
  • Joint Owners/Occupants/Visitors are obligated to take precaution to avoid theft of their private property. The employees working for the Condo Association or the Administrator are only responsible for the Common Property and they will not be obligated to watch over the private property of any Joint Owner/Occupants/Visitors.
  • Joint Owners/Occupants/Visitors are entitled to make use of their corresponding Private Units in an orderly and reasonably quiet fashion according to the principles of common decency, morality and consideration for others and in a manner compliant with the provisions of the Horizon Bylaws.
  • Joint Owners/Occupants/Visitors are entitled to make use of their Private Units without disturbing the peace, tranquility and comfort of the rest of the Joint Owners/Occupants/Visitors and without endangering or affecting in any fashion the safety and health conditions of the Private Units of the rest of the Joint Owners/Occupants/Visitors and the Common Property.
  • Occupants/Visitors are accountable to the Joint Owner at all times and subject to the same obligations as the Joint Owner.
  • Joint Owners/Occupants/Visitors inside and outside their Private Units shall behave in such a way as not to hinder the efficient operation of the Common Properties.
  • A maximum of 6 (six) persons, including children, shall be allowed overnight accommodations in a Private Unit of 2 (two) bedrooms. A maximum of 8 (eight) persons, including children, shall be allowed in a Private Unit of 3 (three) bedrooms.
  • The halls, corridors and stairways of the buildings where the Private Units are located shall not be used for any other purpose other than the provision of access to the Private Units.
  • Joint Owners/Occupants/Visitors shall maintain their Private Units in an orderly and sanitary condition, according to the decorum of the building.
  • Joint Owners/Occupants/Visitors are responsible for the actions of anyone they invite to their Private Units.
  • Barbeques and grills shall only be fueled by LPG (gas) or electricity.  Charcoal, wood or any other combustible material will not be allowed at any time for any reason.
  • The flying of drones in or around the Condominium is strictly prohibited, including all buildings and Common Areas.
    The installation, removal or maintenance of satellite antennas can only be carried out with permission when a representative of the Board or his/her delegate is present.
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Operating Hours:  Horizon Fitness is open 24 hours/day
1.    Horizon Fitness is for the exclusive use of (i) Joint Owners, (ii) Joint Owner Equivalents, (iii) Direct Relatives, (iv) Guest when Joint Owner is in residence, (v) a Personal Trainer accompanied by the Joint Owner, and (vi) Long-term Renters (>6 months).  Joint Owners are welcome to request an exception for Renters or other unique situations, using “Contact Us” on the Horizon Website, submit to “Bylaws and/or Rules & Regs”.
2.    Access is only allowed to persons 18 years of age and above.
3.    Access is by personal Key Code, which will be activated after signing an “Horizon Fitness Waiver” (EnglishEspañol), at the Front Lobby. Joint Owner Equivalents and Direct Relatives may use the Joint Owner’s key code, providing the Joint Owner shares their key code with them.
4.    Do not open the Horizon Fitness door for anyone, including other Joint Owners.
5.    Proper gym attire (no wet clothing) and closed-toe footwear (no bare feet) are required in Horizon Fitness.
6.    Food, smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in Horizon Fitness.  Permitted beverages, such as water and energy drinks must be in a fully sealed plastic/metal container, no glass.
7.    Bring your own personal mat for floor exercises.
8.    Bring a personal towel(s) for working out to either put down on equipment and/or other personal use.
9.    Before putting anything on a bench, e.g. weights and water bottles, put your towel down first to protect the benches.
10.  Wipe down all equipment and machines before and after use – sanitizer and paper towels are provided at various places throughout Horizon Fitness.
a.    Do not spray directly on any electronic display for the cardio equipment as it may cause damage; spray the paper towel and then wipe the monitors.
11.  For Cardio Equipment, there is a 30-minute limit when others are waiting.
12.  Refrain from sitting on or otherwise occupying equipment between sets if others are waiting to use the equipment.
a.    Unless you are in Horizon Fitness alone, if you are unable to continue working out while using your mobile device, please either refrain from using your mobile device, step aside, or go out to the sitting area.
13.  For the safety of others and to avoid damage to the floor, please do not drop weights and keep weight on the matted areas.
14.  Return all equipment to their proper location and place all weights on their proper racks.
15.  Do not lean on mirrors.
16.  No pets allowed.
17.  Be courteous and respectful to others at all time.  If you are listening to music when others are around, please keep the volume down (no loud music at any time) or use earbuds/headsets.  This excludes using the screen in the Group Exercise room for workout programs.
18.  Report any equipment failures or concerns to the Front Lobby.
19.  Do not lower blinds over an open window.
20.  When you leave, close all windows and turn off any fans and lights you may have turned on, unless someone has come in after you.  Then ask them if they want you to turn fans/lights off or leave them on for them to turn off.
21.  Personal gym trainers are permitted for Joint Owners or Joint Owner Equivalents only.
  • Trainer MUST be pre-registered with the Horizon Fitness Committee.
  • ONE Trainer at a time.
  • The Trainer MUST be accompanied by the Joint Owner.
  • The Trainer MUST enter and exit with the Joint Owner.
  • The Trainer will NOT receive an access code.
  • Any transactional activity MUST take place off Horizon property.
    • Individual arrangements with professional trainers/instructors are only between the parties involved.
    • Condominiums Horizon A.C. is not involved with any agreements made on a personal basis by Joint Owners or Joint Owner Equivalents and removes itself from any responsibility under Mexican trade, commerce and tax laws. 
22.  Classes in the Group X area need to be scheduled in advance and follow agreed procedures regarding time and length of the class, as well as participants (obtain a list of the procedures from the Front Lobby).
1.    Use of Horizon Fitness is AT YOUR OWN RISK; Horizon Residences and Condominium Horizon A.C., take no responsibility for any injury or other issues related to the use of Horizon Fitness and equipment.
2.    You should consult with your physician prior to using Horizon Fitness.
3.    Horizon Fitness is not staffed or supervised.
  1. Occupancy of Horizon Fitness is limited to 10 people at any one time. Please go to the Front Lobby to have your temperature taken and to receive a numbered tag. If all 10 tags are out, please return to Horizon Fitness at another time.
  2. Have a mask with you at all times.
    1. IF you are 6ft/2m or less from others not in your bubble, put your mask on and cover your mouth and nose.
    2. If you are doing cardio and wish to remove your mask, ask anyone around you if they mind.
    3. Practice social distancing of 6ft/2m with others not in your bubble. Some pieces of equipment are less than 6ft/2m apart. If one piece of equipment is in use, you may need to avoid using an adjacent one, e.g. treadmills, ellipticals etc.
  3. Use hand sanitizer frequently.
    1. Use antibacterial gel immediately after entering and exiting Horizon Fitness.
    2. Consider using antibacterial gel every time you change from one piece of equipment to another.
    3. Frequent hand washing and use of antibacterial gel is recommended during a workout.
  4. Wipe down the equipment before/after use with sanitizer and make sure the surface is completely dry.
    1. Do not spray directly on any electronic display for the cardio equipment as it may cause damage; spray the paper towel and then wipe the monitors.
  5. Bring a personal towel(s) for working out to either put down on equipment and/or other personal use.
 Provide a copy of Policy to any Overnight Guests/Occupants prior to arrival at Horizon, click for English
Proporcione una copia de la política a los huéspedes / ocupantes que pernoctan antes de su llegada a Horizon, haga clic para Español
For Reservation Form, click for English
Para formulario de reserva, haga clic para Español
Preferably, you can easily submit a NT Pool Lobby request electronically by clicking on the
 “North Tower Pool Lobby” request page under "Residents" on the navigation menu.
Preferiblemente, puede enviar fácilmente una solicitud el Lobby de la Alberca de la Torre Norte electrónicamente haciendo clic
en el página de solicitud de “North Tower Pool Lobby” en “Residentes” en el menú de navegación.