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In order to ensure the safety and well being of the Homeowners and their guests at Horizon, please note the following:
All gate entrances to Horizon must be kept locked at all times.
Keeping gates and doors open by a door-stop or any other means is a violation of our rules and it is your responsibility that any deliveries, contractors and guests are aware of this.
Glass is strictly forbidden in the pool area. A single broken glass or bottle, due to the injuries it may cause if it got into the pool, would necessitate draining and cleaning the pool.  In that event,  the responsible party would be held accountable for associated costs.
It is your responsibility to observe all the posted pool rules at all times.
Safety tips:
1. Physically get to know your immediate neighbors by name and sight.
 2. Inspect your property.  Be sure you have deadbolt exterior locks and window locks or bars close together.
3. Install motion lights near any vulnerable exterior and interior patio area.
4. Consider electronic protection from a service or purchase at Costco.
5. Hide valuables – don’t use interior safes. Lock your computer keyboard and put a Spanish note on it saying it is locked. Don’t leave valuables in sight in a car.
6. Appoint someone to watch your place randomly in your absence.
Information on Preparing for a Natural Disaster, click here!
Cough Etiquette
Coughsafe, click on "Watch Video"
Presentations: Basic Life Support, CPR, CPR-First Aid
AED - Automated External Defibrillator - what is it?, FAQs, more FAQs
For "AED - How to Use" video, click here, and here!
For Continuous Chest Compression CPR, click here!
For CPR information and procedures, click here!
For a video on Adult CPR, click here!
 For a video on Child CPR, click here!
For a video on Infant CPR, click here and  here!
For a video on Pet CPR, click here! and here
 Information, click here! and here! and here!
Safety Information, click here!
Safety Tips, click here , here and here
What to do in an earthquake?, click here (link compliments of Amy)
In case of Fire or an emergency at Horizon that would require you to exit the building, do not use the elevators. Either use the stairs to descend to the ground floor or access the bridges on the 5th and 6th floors of the North Tower and 3rd floor of the South Tower.
Elevator Evacuation Procedures- click here!
Elevator Safety Tips - click here!
Safety in Stalled Elevator - click here!
Fire Extinguishers
 We currently have 21 Fire Extinguishers. There are 8 in the North Tower, 1 on each floor next to the elevator doors, except the first floor, where it is located in front of the elevator. There are 4 in the South Tower next to the elevator doors. There is 1 in the Front Lobby.  There are 2 in Horizon Fitness.  For a diagram of the location of 6 Fire Extinguishers in the parking garages, click here!
Owners are requested to turn off gas to Boilers/Hot Water heaters when not in use for safety and to conserve gas.
Heart Attack Symptoms
English, also here, here and here
Hurricane Preparedness
Puerto Vallarta is in the tropics, which means tropical storms and even hurricanes are normal occurrences throughout rainy season. Luckily for visitors to the city, Puerto Vallarta has a couple of natural barriers which prevent storms from entering the city. The predominant wind pattern is from the SW, which causes approaching weather patterns to be weakened over Cabo Corriente. In addition, the Bay of Banderas acts as a natural buffer, keeping the storms out to sea instead of entering the city. As a result, Puerto Vallarta has the enviable position of being virtually hurricane-free all year round.
Mexico Security Update
For a Security Update from the Embassy of the United States - Mexico, click here!
Natural Disasters
Home Safety Guide for Tornados, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Floods and Wildfires, click here!
Rip Currents
What do they look like?  here, here and here
What to do if caught in a Rip Current?  here and here
Basically go with the current until you can swim diagonally/parallel to the beach out of it
For security suggestions, click English, Español
For a video on Stroke Symptons, click herehere and here!
Knowing all the signs of stroke could help you recognize one in time for you or a loved one to receive life-saving treatment. These signs include: 
Sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body
Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding
Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes
Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination
Sudden, severe headache with no known cause
Recognize a stroke, click here.
Travel Safety
Tips, click here!
Aircraft Emergency tips, click here!
How to survive a plane crash, click here!
Thefts at airport screening, click here!
Water Shutoff
There is a master water shutoff valve for each unit, typically located just outside the front door behind a vented door.  Be sure you know where this valve is located (the blue valve is off when the handle is at 90 degrees to the pipe). In the event a leak occurs, it is imperative to turn this valve off immediately to limit damage.  In the event water enters a unit from above, it is imperative to notify administration and take steps to turn off any appropriate shutoff valves for condos above.
West Nile Virus
For information, click here.
 Important Phone Numbers
Emergency Services
Horizon Lobby 221 5795
Consumer Affairs (PROFECO) 225 0000 225 0018
Electricity Company 071
Fire Department 225 0000 or 225 0018
Highway Patrol 290 0677
Ministerio Público #4 222 1762
Motor Vehicle Department 224 8484
Municipal Services 223 2500
Police 060 221 2586 or 221 2587 or 221 2588
Traffic Police 224 8484
Red Cross 222 1533 or 222 4973
SOS Animal 224 3978 or 293 2018
Tourist Protection 223 2500
Water/Sewer Co. (SEAPAL) 223 1516
Medical Services - for list of Hospitals and Clinics, click here, click here
Ameri-Med Hospital 221 0023 or 221 0024
Cornerstone Hospital 226 3700
CMQ Hospital 223 1353 or 223 1919
IMSS Hospital 224 3838
Medasist Hospital 223 0444
Regional Hospital 224 4000
San Javier Hospital 226 1010
Life Support Ambulance 223 0090 or 223 0092
MG Ambulance 225 0386
Pharmacies (24 Hours)
CMQ 222 2941
Farmacia Guadalajara 222 0101
Canadian 293 0098 223 0099
After Hours 01 800 706 2900
Mexican Immigration 224 7701
US Agency 222 0069 223 0074
After Hours 01 33 3826 5553
Zaragozza 160, 2nd floor
US Embassy (Mexico City) 01 (55) 5080 2000
Consumer Assistance 225 0000 or 225 0018
Tourist Help Line 800 903 9200
US Dept. of State - Travel Advisory 001 202 647 5225
US Passport Agency 001 202 647 0518