Late Night/Loud Music
Posted on Apr 2nd, 2015

When there’s a problem with loud/late night music and inconsiderate partying in the wee-hours, identify the source & call or email the owner or rental agent if you know the number. 
Responsible neighbors want to keep the peace. 
Next step, call the Reglamentos at 322 225 1589.  It’s their job to enforce the rules about noise. 

The more neighbors who call, the more likely Reglamentos will be to respond to the problem. 
Third step is calling the police.  Amapas has a good relationship with them, and they generally respond quickly.  There are three numbers you can try:
The ANA maintains a cell phone for our members’ use in police pickup #252 – 322 172 2183

The vehicle is staffed by Tourist Police who speak English.  If the call doesn’t go through…
The police non-emergency number is 322 178 8999.
The police switchboard is #066 – the operator may not be any more thrilled to be dealing with a noise complaint than you are, so this should be a last resort.
Finally, follow up.
If Reglamentos or Police respond, write down the vehicle number for reference. 

And drop an email to us at – tell us what happened, and when.  Dates and times are important, as are vehicle and badge numbers. 
Our Administrator can follow up to see that the proper reports and records are kept.  A number of complaints can result in the review and possible revocation of a commercial license, but without a ‘paper trail,’ it’s unlikely that any serious action will be taken.
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